Love Pembrokeshire? I’ve started a new travel blog…

Summer 2014 – Pembrokeshire

OfficeGirlTravelBlog is my new project starting this summer. Since returning from London a couple of years ago, I’m re-discovering Pembrokeshire through fresh eyes, exploring coastline, countryside and town life.  My aim is to walk the full coastal path, stopping off at some quirky local haunts, cosy cafés and nice secluded spots. I’ll also be interviewing some locals and tourists – so to give you another view of Pembs.

This will very much be a novice blog. Even though I grew up here, there are many parts I haven’t explored. I’m more used to fighting my way onto the tube, rather than climbing challenging cliffs!

Follow me on my journey. You can subscribe to my travel posts, there’ll be lots of pics, some reviews of places and businesses, and interviews from the people of Pembs – visitors and tourists alike.

Please comment as much as possible and if you would like me to review any part of Pembs please let me know 🙂