A good quality blog or article will stand out and gain momentum. 

It could reach 100s of new readers and entice your ideal customer to visit your business or website.

  • Share your passion and knowledge
  • Reach your target audience
  • Boost SEO

How do you write an effective blog post?

1. Choose an engaging and relevant topic that will appeal to the needs and interests of your customer. Ideally something helpful and exclusive to your brand.

2. Naturally incorporate keywords and phrases into the blog – to help you get found by the right customers.

3. Write a high quality, researched and useful blog. Take your time, edit and read your blog aloud. Add useful links.

4. Craft an eye-catching headline, it’s competitive out there!

5. Add a high quality, royalty free image.

6. Promote it well on social media.

7. Collaborate with champions in your field, and encourage others to share and endorse your blog.

Get in touch if you need help.

I’ll get to know you, your customers, and what makes you stand-out from the crowd.

Once I have a good understanding of what you need, I’ll do my research, and write some topical, targeted and SEO optimised blogs.

All tailored to help you attract your perfect customer.

I write for:

  • Niche and small businesses
  • The travel industry
  • Events and festivals
  • B2B

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A few of my blogs:

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Events Womex The World Music Expo.

Travel Looe Music Festival.

“Loved the blog, really captures the flavour of the festival.. would it be ok if I share it on Facebook?” – Sue. Looe Music Festival.