About Me





Hello! I’m Vanessa. 

I write creative and competitive copy for websites, blogs, print and email campaigns.

For SMEs or anyone who needs marketing help.

My background.

I’m passionate in helping out small businesses. Writing creative and compelling copy to help a brand pop and stand-out from the crowd.

I’ve worked on many rewarding marketing projects – from helping SMEs refresh and revitalise website copy, writing traditional print marketing, to promoting big events with targeted email campaigns. 

Prior to freelancing, I worked in a 4-year B2B event marketing role in London, various roles in tourism (west Wales) and a range of others in fashion, publishing, recruitment, and some niche small businesses.

What I’ve learnt?

Good copywriting goes hand-in-hand with good marketing. 

Creating a strong brand and tone-of-voice, and showing how a business provides a high standard of customer care is essential. 

Along with many other marketing tactics – customer and industry research, keyword research, strong CTAs, obtaining good data for email campaigns, to name a few!

I’m constantly expanding my marketing knowledge. I keep up through training, and by being part of some inspiring copywriting communities that share plenty of tips and the latest advice.

If you would like me to write for you get in touch.

I’ll provide an obligation free quote.

I’m Pembrokeshire based, however I can work with you wherever you are. 


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